The start of your journey can't happen without obtaining the Player Handbook from the Staff themselves. With information needed to get set up, it's very important that this section is read before coming to ask questions at staff. If one has any thing to ask about how Pokemon Victory is ran, the system, plot, and setting? This is the place! It is imperative that you read this section before any other section upon the site, especially if it something as simple as the "hover size"! Please, don't be lazy guys! This may be a hobby, but that doesn't mean we have to hold your hands!
vii. Pokemon Gyms by Arceus on Sept 28, 2018 1:30:10 GMT -5
The crème de la crème of boards. This is where you will find every important notice, event, and announcement: the holy trinity to building any site! This is the place to come when one is in need of information on what exactly is happening upon the site. Especially when Activity Checks are being conducted. Think of it this as a "Here's what you missed so far," kind of notice.
New management by Alt on Mar 10, 2019 0:30:32 GMT -5
You got a question? We have an answer! We're basically your PokeNav if you think about it! In this section you will post all sorts of questions that our F.A.Q. has no answer to! Which is honestly a great thing to help for future members who may have the same questions, or even suggestions, as you! We're quite open to hearing the opinions of our members. So please never hesitate posting in here for we're always open to opinions and answering all questions!
Request Thread by Articuno on Nov 30, 2018 17:02:53 GMT -5

Character Board

Are you a Boy, or a Girl, or are you a non-binary individual? Yup, we take in all gender roles as this is where you will create your character. Our application process is simple, easy, and straight to the point! Please note that WORK IN PROGRESS APPLICATIONS WILL BE ARCHIVED AFTER ONE WEEK! Due to the application only being but so small, it shouldn't take an entire week to finish! The story building, for both our characters and this world, begins when you're accepted. The application shouldn't take no more than ten, maybe thirty minutes top? Honestly, take however long you need to begin working on that stellar character idea of yours! Don't be too slow or else you'll miss out some amazing storytelling, so come on and join the fun!
SASCHA YEW by Sascha Yew on Oct 20, 2018 23:03:51 GMT -5
Personalized PC's, these nicely made computer storage's are where you'll keep your stored Pokemon and inventory pages. Here you will keep your Pokemon Storage System, and I can't stress it enough, UP-TO-DATE! Staff will not keep track of your PC for you, but if foul-play is afoot we won't hesitate to shut it down and ensue penalties! Honesty is key, so make sure you're capable of adding and subtracting the necessary content that does not belong within your storage system!
You're Sleighing Me by Articuno on Oct 17, 2018 6:54:00 GMT -5
This board houses the Pokemart and the Daycare Center; where you can either buy things for IC use, or Breed pokemon via the process stated in the Breeding Rules. Please read over the guidelines specified inside.
Day Care Center by Articuno on Oct 17, 2018 6:33:59 GMT -5
Do you have the following: Plotter, Wanted Ad, Cellphone, or Tracker? This is the place to post those beautiful creations of yours! Give us a bit of insight on how you plan to further your character, perhaps you're in search of someone to claim a Wanted Ad? Do you have a cellphone to converse with another trainer from afar? What about your tracker, how are you keeping track of your threads!? Please, it is encouraged you post in these to further IC and OOC relationships, have fun!
castle of glass (vy's plotter) by Aifang Zhou on Oct 5, 2018 0:54:53 GMT -5


While large in size, Johto is built like a peninsula with surrounding islands. The mainland holds many cities and routes that make up the paved network, while some curiosities can be found outside.
It's On [DW||Open] by Articuno on Oct 19, 2018 6:43:00 GMT -5
Parallel to their parent homeland, the islands surrounding Johto are just as inviting. Within their confines, many wonders can be found.
Blaze It [Safari] by Scizor on Oct 22, 2018 7:03:02 GMT -5

Out Of Character

This is where all the out of character chatter can go. Play list threads, graphic stores, template storage, forum games. Chatter on anime and such. Just be sure to keep it tasteful. And keep in mind, when you're leaving us for a certain time, always be sure to let us know so that we can't forget your beautiful face and graceful appearance!
Things go Boom [Ven's Testing Grounds] by Andrea Benoit on Oct 9, 2018 10:35:12 GMT -5
Yes, Pokemon do die. But this isn't where your Pokemon will go, it's where you'll go! When characters are archived we pretty much toss them in this neatly crafted section! Here you'll be able to find not only your characters, but past threads as well! Completed or not, this is where your work-in-progress can be found. And let's not forget, as previously stated, completed and uncompleted threads!
Into the Fire [Safari] by Articuno on Oct 19, 2018 6:44:30 GMT -5
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